DIY guy-geared floral arrangements

February 5, 2010 4:36:01 PM PST
Surprise your man with one of these simple, do-it-yourself guy-geared floral arrangements.

Say it with flowers! You can get his attention and drop a subtle, yet clever hint this Valentine's Day with one of these simple, do-it-yourself guy-geared floral arrangements.

Arrangement ideas from Linda Estill:

"Honey, the living room really needs a fresh coat of paint."
Use one block of floral foam to set in the paint pan. One quart paint can sets on foam and contains brushes and color swatches on a stir stick, plus a little water and a few flowers. Salal (greens) and flowers are inserted into foam. Roller added last. Easy!!

"Remember all of those light bulbs that need replacing?"
Various light bulbs are put into glass hurricane vase. Plastic hardware store liner (used to catch water under potted plants) fits into opening of vase. Floral foam is cut to fit liner and both are taped to vase. Flowers and curly bulb are inserted into foam.

"How about we hang those paintings this weekend? I'll fix a romantic, candlelight dinner afterwards."
(Putty knife provided to cover "extra" holes!) A mud pan from the home improvement store holds floral foam. Everything else is just stuck into the foam. Bamboo skewers are used for the apples.

"Guess what, Sweetie! I found the perfect tile for the bathroom!"
4" x 4" glass cube is used as the vase. 12" x 12" sheet of tiles (available in lots of styles and colors) is cut into 4" squares using an Exacto knife. The tiles are held together with a mesh backing that's easy to cut. Hot glue gun is used to attach tiles to vase which contains floral foam. Flowers are added. Magnolia leaf curls are made with a stapler.

"Don't you think it's time to replace the furnace filter?"
Whipped cream cheese container holds floral foam and fits perfectly into the opening of the HVAC tubing. Greens and flowers are inserted into the foam. This also works well with a 4" potted plant.

Using a little floral foam, a few flowers and a couple of items from the home improvement store, anyone can create these fun arrangements that will make him not only laugh and marvel at your cleverness, but he may actually get busy on his list!

About Linda Estill:
Linda Estill has been a certified florist and party planner in the Bay Area of California since the year 2000. Her TV series, "Flowers Made Simple", airs on over 30 public access channels throughout the United States. She designs custom floral arrangements for large corporate events, weddings and private parties. Linda regularly provides floral instructions and demonstrations to numerous groups and organizations, and she has been a guest on various radio and TV shows. When she couldn't find a book that told her exactly how to arrange flowers with lots of easy to follow pictures, she decided to write one!