Bryan brothers have talent on and off the court

Former Stanford doubles partners and twins Mike and Bob Bryan have skills on and off the court. (ABC7)

February 10, 2010 5:22:16 PM PST
The SAP Open continued on Tuesday night in San Jose with former Stanford doubles partners and twins Mike and Bob Bryan. The Bryan brothers have skills on and off the court.

Mike and bob Bryan are not only the top ranked doubles team in the world, they also have their own band.

"We had no TV in our house growing up, so we were always jamming on our equipment. When we got out of Stanford, we had so much of time in our hotel rooms so we just started playing and here we are. We have an album out, The Bryan Brothers Band, on iTunes. Check it out," said Bob.

Bob plays keyboard while Mike plays guitar and drums, but recently they added a drummer from the Counting Crows.

"Jim Bogios. He's a good friend of ours, a huge tennis fan and we give him tennis lessons and he joins our band, so a perfect marriage," said Mike.

The twins just won the Australian Open doubles title, their eighth major, to go along with 57 tour victories. They played at Stanford so competing here in the Bay Area is like coming home.

"Yea, it's always great to see friends and family. We went to Stanford today, saw the coaches, I bought a Stanford shirt. It's awesome, we want to play here. We've never won here in San Jose, so got some extra incentive," said Bob.

Mike is two minutes older than Bob and both think they are the brighter twin. They say they split up the subjects though. Bob excelled at English and Mike did well in math.

Twins, rock stars and doubles partners... not a bad deal.