No further damage to Pacifica cliffs

February 15, 2010 11:10:31 AM PST
After a weekend of world class high surf, the cliffs and apartments along Esplanade Avenue in Pacifica have not suffered further losses, at least in the areas where engineering work began last December.

"They held up well," says Tony Fortunato, who runs the project for Engineered Soil Repairs. "We have most of the flashing in under the cliff, now, but not the finishing coat." He expects to begin similar work beneath 320 Esplanade in the near future. "They're at the point where the other apartments were when they needed work."

Further up the coast, the owners of Lands End are close to receiving a permit from the California Coastal Commission that would allow work beneath their crumbling cliffs, as well.

Conditions are so relatively stable that Fortunato took today off, a rarity for him in the past two months. "I'll be back at it tomorrow," he said.