St. Mary's star sets blocking record

February 16, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
There is a nice little college basketball story happening at St. Mary's this year and it has nothing to do with the men's team.

The lady Gaels have a18-8 record, 9-2 in the West Coast Conference, the NCAA tournament is a real possibility and the main reason is a block-happy import from down under.

"I think it's a little bit genetics. I've never been taught how to block shots," said Louella Tomlinson.

Being 6'4" certainly helps Tomlinson, but there have been taller women at the division one level.

"I just worked on it, and developed it, and added it to my game, and that was about it," said Tomlinson.

The result has been worthy of a McKeon pavilion banner. It prominently shows she has made over 483 blocks.

This past week, the junior from Australia set two division one records: most blocked shots in a single season and most blocked shots in a career.

Tomlinson is averaging a mind-boggling 6.5 blocks per game. For some perspective, former member of the Utah Jazz, Mark Eaton, has the all-time NBA record of 5.56 blocks per game in one season.

But it is the rest of her game that has helped her garner five West Coast Conference player of the week awards this season. Besides blocks, she also leads the league in scoring and rebounding.

"Obviously, I mean, it's great for St. Mary's and I'm glad that I can contribute to my team and honestly, I'd rather win a championship than get that, but it's just an added bonus."