Succesful transition to retired life

  1. Attitude: Surround yourself with positive people. Reduce stress with regular exercise and humor. Always look good, feel good (dress and groom for retirement success)

  2. Income: Understand difference in "wants" and "needs." Establish a realistic retirement budget and long-term financial plan and put together a "financial team" (accountant, insurance, attorney, financial advisor)

  3. Schedule: Don't let retirement "happen" to you. Set goals, wish lists, travel plans and leave room for spontaneity.

  4. Relationships: Be selective with your time and relationships. Rid yourself of "toxic" people and value and nurture your relationships.

  5. Priorities: Access where you put your energy and time. Don't be afraid to put yourself first

  6. Physical Fitness: Don't use age as excuse (80 percent of retired people don't exercise at all) Most important for seniors is to follow "30 Minute Rule" and get 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each day.

  7. Mental Fitness: Socialize, play games, dance, take classes, actively pursue mental activity

  8. Nutrition: Important for seniors to get foods rich in antioxidants which slow aging process -- 5 portions of fruit per day, ample portions of veggies, fruits and Vegetables with rich colors are typically best and lean protein.
About Trisha Parker, Co-author of The Best Of Our Lives:

Trisha began her professional life working as a teen model in southern California and was a finalist in the Miss Teen USA contest. After working in both print ads and television, she moved to New York and worked as a flight attendant.

During this time she became engaged to John Parker, a young man she had first met in high school, who was serving in the United States Air Force. After their wedding, Trisha and John began married life in San Antonio, Texas, where she got her first taste of finance while working at a local bank.

When John was deployed to Italy, she soon joined him and landed a job managing the base Officer's Club. After two years in Italy, they returned to southern California and settled down to start a family. They were blessed when Trisha gave birth to their three sons, Michael, David, and Daniel.

As her family grew, so did her business career. Working her way up the ranks, she became one of the top compensation and benefits professionals in the country. She went on to hold executive positions, including vice president of compensation, benefits, and relocation, for two major corporations. In addition, she was elected president of her regional professional association and named to the board of directors of her national association.

Married for 39 years, Trisha is an accomplished chef, seamstress, home decorator, and fitness enthusiast. She is most proud of her three sons, three daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren.

She loves spending time with her family and is an avid travel adventurer, shopper, and bargain hunter. She is also a spiritual person and enjoys working on a variety of charitable projects. Most of all, Trisha is bright, beautiful, cheerful, and fun loving.

About John Parker, Co-author of The Best of Our Lives:

As a young man, John Parker was an aspiring athlete and played winter baseball with the Los Angeles Angels before an arm injury ended that dream. In his early twenties, he attended college and pursued many diverse interests such as playing guitar in a band and becoming a licensed pilot.

During the Vietnam War, John joined the United States Air Force and served as an intelligence analyst. While in the military, he married his long-time girlfriend Trisha Nystrom. After John completed his tour of duty, he and Trisha returned to southern California where they settled down and raised their three sons. After finishing his B.A., he went on to complete his master's and doctorate degrees in organizational communication.

Over the course of his career, John served on the faculties of several major institutions, including Pepperdine University, California State University in Los Angeles, the University of Southern California, and St. Mary's College of California. He also spent considerable time in the business world and was a founding partner in a successful management consulting firm that continues to operate to this day.

As a management consultant and personal advisor, John has worked for numerous legal, corporate, and governmental organizations. As an author, John co-wrote the popular study skills text, The Student Success Workbook.

He has also been a featured speaker for numerous organizations and a guest on several radio and television programs. John is a devoted family man and enjoys sports, traveling, music, and photography.

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