Boxer calls USDA to label plumped up chicken

February 24, 2010 6:58:41 PM PST
7 On Your Side was the first to warn consumers about new federal rules allowing chicken producers to charge consumers for the waste liquid in packages.

A couple years back that was illegal in California.

Well, on Wednesday Senator Barbara Boxer, D-California, called on the USDA to at least require labels on packages of natural chicken that have been plumped up with salt water.

Boxer said shoppers are unknowingly paying meat prices for salt water.

"Families and consumers unknowingly end up paying over $2 billion per year because of the added weight of sodium water. In these difficult times, our families should not have to pay $2 billion for salt water," said Boxer.

Boxer said most are not aware they are eating added sodium when they buy chicken labeled "natural."

Plumped chicken has five to eight times more sodium than natural chicken that has not been injected with salt water.