Woman denied $42M slot machine jackpot


All indications were she won millions, but the casino said, "Not so fast."

The woman playing a slot machine at the Fortune Valley Casino in Central City, Colorado hit the jackpot for $42 million. She and those nearby went wild.

"There was a bunch of people coming up to and hugging me saying, 'You won $42,000?' and some said, 'No, you won $42 million.' I'm like, 'Oh, my God!'" said Fortune Valley visitor Louise Chavez.

Those good vibes didn't last long. The casino told Chavez the machine malfunctioned and it refused to pay.

Instead the casino gave her a free room for the night, bought her breakfast and gave her $23, the amount she says she had put into the machine. The Colorado Division of Gaming is now investigating.

They told 7 On Your Side on Monday, they will end up in court. The slot machine has a sign that says no malfunctions will be paid, but there is no specific law in Colorado back that up.

Here in California you would have to complain at the tribal gaming commission which is made up of the same tribal members who own the casino.

You could complain to the state, but the California Bureau of Gambling Control would simply contact the Tribal Gaming Commission to see if appropriately went though the procedures.

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