Sketch released of man stalking women in SJ park


Police started getting reports about assaults last October. Since then, they know of five incidents -- the latest happened Tuesday morning -- although in this case, the woman was never physically assaulted, but was being followed and felt harassed.

The serial attacker is said to look of Middle Eastern or Indian descent, 5'9", thin build, between ages 25 and 35. The women he's approached have been between ages 15 and 31. The victims tell police he jogged up behind them on the popular Saratoga Creek Trail and then reached out and grabbed them. He even pulled one woman to the ground. No one has been seriously hurt, but investigators worry he could turn more violent. The same man is believed to be responsible for all five separate incidents of battery on the female joggers -- all but one happened during the morning daylight hours.

"The women say it's just kind of creepy is the word several of them have used, just the way he looks at them, and so forth," said Dirk Parsons of the San Jose Police Department.

Investigators are asking the public if you see him, or have had a similar run-in with this man to please report it.

The five incidents have all happened along the Saratoga Creek Trail, between Bollinger and Doyle Roads, west of the Lawrence Expressway.

San Jose police have added extra patrols to the area and distributed leaflets in the community.

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