ABC7 goes inside the California Academy of Sciences


>> VIDEO: The Academy of Sciences' colorful history

Times were very different when the Academy of Sciences first took shape in the Wild West. The first Academy president was shot dead during a card game, and his killer was hung by vigilantes. But things got better from there. FULL STORY

>> VIDEO: New Academy is greener than ever

The California Academy of Sciences is all about the natural world - studying and protecting it. So when the Academy had a chance to start fresh with a whole new building, it only made sense to make it as green as possible. FULL STORY

>> VIDEO: Living roof tops the new Academy of Sciences

The entire building is covered with a living roof - a huge expanse of dirt with plants growing, almost as nature intended. The original idea came from ground breaking architect Renzo Piano. FULL STORY

>> VIDEO: Bold experiment replicates life at sea

The Steinhart Aquarium is trying to push the envelope of its exhibits. In one particular project, they have undertaken an ambitious attempt to replicate life in a sandy pool around a coral reef in the Philippines. FULL STORY

>> VIDEO: Tropical rainforest comes to San Francisco

It is a tropical rainforest growing in not-so-tropical San Francisco. The four story dome inside the Academy of Sciences is the largest display of its kind in the world. FULL STORY

>> VIDEO: African Hall mixes old and new

Even though the new California Academy of Sciences will be a first-of-its-kind eco-friendly museum, featuring the latest technology and visitor attractions, a few of the most popular original exhibits will be back including the African Hall. FULL STORY

>> VIDEO: Prized anaconda returns to Academy

At 12-feet-long and 82 pounds, the anaconda at the Academy of Sciences gives visitors a lot to look at. She is one of the Academy's prize specimens. FULL STORY

>> VIDEO: Alligators make their new home at the Academy

The lion may be king of the jungle, but at the new California Academy of Sciences, that title goes to an alligator named Claude. FULL STORY

>> VIDEO: The penguins return to the Academy of Sciences

The penguins' new set up is very different from their old accommodations at the original Steinhart Aquarium, where they were always one of the Academy's biggest crowd pleasers. FULL STORY

>> VIDEO: Academy home to new coral reef

The California Academy of Sciences is now home to one of the largest living coral reef exhibits in the world. The exhibit is designed to simulate a coral reef in the Philippines, one of the world's most diverse habitats. FULL STORY

>> VIDEO: Morrison Planetarium offers more than just the sky

The California Academy of Sciences had created a brand new planetarium with an enormous projection screen. The result is breathtaking views of the skies. FULL STORY

>> VIDEO: Research continues at the Academy

Part of protecting the environment is understanding it. The California Academy of Sciences is much more than just a museum. Behind the scenes, science is at the core of the mission. FULL STORY

Written and produced by Jennifer Olney

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