Zero percent interest deal runs short for 49ers fan


Those zero percent interest deals are excellent, but you really have to keep track of them. One consumer says he did and still got caught with a bill for interest. So how could that be?

You've no doubt been out shopping and wondered if the zero percent interest credit card deal you signed up for is still in effect. Many just wonder and keep charging, but not David Criswell. He had a special use planned for that zero interest card.

"I actually wanted to purchase 49er season tickets. So I figured I can pay it off by whatever the date is interest free. So I went ahead and called Bank of America to ask the exact date that interest would occur again and the gentleman told me Nov. 3 and I asked the question clear as day," says Criswell.

So Criswell bought the tickets, was happy with the deal, and then things went sour.

"Next thing you know... the June statement, I believe, came and it started to occur interest. So I called to ask why, and they told me, 'Well, it was actually only six months interest free and the person that you spoke with told you wrong,' and they don't know why," says Criswell.

He speaks with a supervisor, but gets nowhere. So he calls 7 On Your Side and then receives a call from the Bank of America CEO's office. The November date will be honored.

"So it worked out in the end and they told me that they had spoken with you and that's essentially why they did it, so... so far so good, I guess," says Criswell.

David does not have his original paperwork and the bank says he only had a six month long deal, but since its representative told him otherwise, they will honor the longer time span.

We want to thank the bank for doing that.

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