Animal rescuers got emotional over Oakland abuse case

Animal rescuers witnessed a terrible Oakland animal abuse case where they found 33 dogs living in their own excrement.

January 27, 2011 11:49:15 PM PST
Oakland Animal Services is trying to find homes for pit bulls who were the victims of severe animal abuse. The dogs were kept in small crates that were stacked three high at a home in East Oakland.

Neighbors complained about a foul smell in December.

Animal care officers could not believe what they found inside. There were 33 pit bull mixes living in their own excrement. Some had been used for fighting, others for breeding.

"The staff was really, really moved by this story. When they went in the smell was intense, the conditions were intense, I mean some of the staff members got kind of emotional over it," said Oakland Police Sgt. Dave Cronin.

Some dogs had rarely been outside their crates and had trouble walking after they were rescued. Others had to be euthanized. Others have adapted well, and are awaiting adoption.

The owner has been charged with felony animal cruelty.