Shooter gives chilling testimony in Bey murder trial


Former Your Black Muslim Bakery janitor Devaughndre Broussard told jurors he walked up to the Oakland Post editor as he headed to work on Aug. 2, 2007 and shot him twice in the torso.

Broussard said he then ran back to Bailey and shot him in the face "to make sure he was dead."

"Didn't you think shooting him twice with a shot gun was enough," Prosecutor Melissa Krum asked.

"Three times would have made it for certain," Broussard said.

"Why," Krum asked.

"Because he wasn't supposed to live," Broussard said.

According to who," Krum asked.

"According to Yusuf Bey," Broussard said.

Bakery leader Bey and former bakery associate Antoine Mackey have both pleaded not guilty in the murders of Bailey and two other men. In a plea deal, Broussard will serve 25 years in exchange for his testimony against the two men he considered friends.

Prosecutors say Bey IV ordered Bailey's assassination because he planned to publish an article about the bakery's financial troubles. Mackey is accused of driving the getaway van.

After the murder, Broussard told jurors that he went with Bey and Mackey to an Oakland IHop where they spoke about the killing. Broussard said Bey "wanted to know what the inside of (Bailey's) head looked like."

Outside the courtroom, Bailey's brother said Broussard spoke callously about the murder as if "he was shooting at a dog."

One juror was excused on Monday after telling the court he accidentally met Yusuf Bey IV's brother. The juror told the judge that he fears that if the jury came back with a guilty verdict, bakery members would retaliate against him.

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