Dad dresses in costumes to wave at son in bus


For 170 days, Dale Price got up every morning during the school year and waved goodbye to his teenage son, Rain, as the school bus rode past the family's front door. He wore a different costume everyday. He dressed assuperheroes, rock stars, a clown, and even put on a wedding dress. His only rule was to never wear a costume twice.

The father says the tradition started last August after he and his wife waved goodbye to their son as the school bus went by.

"He came home and he was telling his mother, 'Mom, please, please, please, don't let dad go back at there.' I overheard it, so once I overheard I said, you know what it's on, here we go," said Dale.

The father and son appeared together on 'Good Morning America' Wednesday. Dale spent only $50 on costumes. He borrowed outfits from friends and neighbors.

His son said "The Little Mermaid" outfit was the most embarrassing one.

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