Stockbroker, 106, still on Wall Street


Irving Kahn was born Dec. 19, 1905 and rang the opening bell of the New York Stock exchange on his 100th birthday six years ago.

Kahn got to Wall Street 83 years ago and says, back then, the market was designed for banks, insurance companies, railroads and public utilities.

Today, Wall Street is for everyone, Kahn says.

"I was very lucky, being born in 1905," Kahn said. "I was just in time for a lot of new technologies -- radio, television."

Kahn says he has a cellphone now, but he doesn't use it much.

Kahn goes to the office every day and watches the stock market as an investor. He says he has no plans to retire just yet.

Kahn's son says it's hard for him not to go to work every day knowing how long his dad has been on the job.

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