Man arrested in connection with 3 sexual assaults

January 7, 2012 1:18:16 AM PST
A man wanted for several sexual assaults, among other crimes, is now under arrest.

He is a 32-year-old San Francisco resident that police arrested on Friday and is being charged with four felony counts, including series of sexual assaults, robberies, and kidnappings that began in June on 24th and Potrero. San Francisco police now say women in the area can now breathe a little easier.

People, especially women, who live in the Fair Oaks area of the Mission District or who cross through the area daily are relieved that the man wanted in three brutal sexual assaults in the area has been caught.

"I'm extremely happy that he is caught. Fair Oaks has such a name of being such a quiet, very quiet, nice street," said San Francisco resident Megan Labrador.

"It's quite a sigh of relief because honestly, it's pretty unnerving to know that there's someone like that out there and the fact that that guy is caught is great," said San Francisco resident Ryan Motzek.

Members of San Francisco's special victims unit announced the arrest of the man sought in connection with three sexual assaults robberies and kidnappings. The man was caught on surveillance video. There were two attacks that occurred on Fair Oaks.

"He's responsible for three sexual assaults committed along the 24th Street corridor. He will be booked into the San Francisco County Jail this evening on multiple felony sexual assault, robbery, and kidnapping charges," said SFPD Captain Antonio Parra.

The victims were all attacked in the early morning hours. Police say all were petite women and ranged in age from 20s to 50.

The officers say that members of the new special victims unit, which include officers from 11 different disciplines, helped put this case together. DNA and a tip helped them make the arrest.

"There were some characteristics on this case that were a little bit unusual that narrowed down our suspect pool and it kind of made us focus on a certain type of a suspect and we were lucky to have the FBI in on this case," said SFPD Insp. Joseph Nannery.

Police say the attacks started in June. The most recent was Dec. 8th.

Supervisor Scott Wiener, in whose district the attacks occurred, says residents have been understandably on edge.

"People in the neighborhood were extremely concerned and fearful that this rape had happened right on their street, on their sidewalk," said Wiener

The SFPD are not releasing the suspect's name or photo of the 32-year-old African-American male. They say they won't do that until they've talked to all of the witnesses and their investigation is complete.