6-year-old boy found alone in Oakland

January 7, 2012 6:23:17 PM PST
A 6-year old boy was found alone early Saturday morning in the parking lot of a Chase Bank in Oakland near the San Leandro border on International Boulevard and Durant.

The circumstances behind the incident remain something of a mystery. It is unknown how the child ended up in that parking lot by himself. As of Saturday evening, he was in custody of Child Protective Services who said they did manage to track down his mother.

Investigators say around 3:30 a.m. Saturday, someone called Oakland police to report that they found the boy alone at the bank and stayed with the boy until police arrived. Police say the boy is in good shape. They also say they have questions that need to be answered.

"It doesn't appear to be any foul play at this time. Our primary concern is how did he get there? And, whoever's responsible for him, whether it's a parent or a trusted guardian, what happened?" a police spokeswoman told ABC7.

Even though the child's mother has been located, it is likely the boy will remain in the custody of CPS at least through the weekend.