Cat hiccups? Outrageous late for work excuses

January 12, 2012 9:10:39 AM PST
What did you tell your boss the last time you were late? has released its annual survey of outrageous excuses employees give their bosses for coming in late to work.

Here are some of the over-the-top excuses:

  • My cat had the hiccups.
  • My roommate got mad at me and cut the cord to my phone charger, so it didn't charge and my alarm didn't go off.
  • I had to take a personal call from the governor (turned out to be true).
  • I had a job interview with another firm.
  • I thought I won the lottery
Workers surveyed said they were late to work at least once a week. Traffic (31 percent), lack of sleep (18 percent) and bad weather (11 percent) were the most popular excuses

The excuses, though, may not work since more than a third of employers say they've fired an employee for being late.

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