Maritime experts wonder about Italian cruise disaster

January 17, 2012 8:54:56 PM PST
You would think that given today's technology, there's no way a cruise ship could run into a reef. At the Maritime Academy in Vallejo they are wondering how it could happen.

The experts at the Maritime Academy have simulators that put you into what it feels like to be on the bridge of virtually any ship.

The key is you have to rely on the information you have. But if you deviate from your programmed course and go into an area that may not accommodate your ship, you may be asking for trouble. It appears that it what happened in Italy.

The Italian captain then allegedly abandoned ship and that, according to experts, is unforgivable.

"Being the sole person responsible for everyone onboard, that person is morally and ethically required to do everything they can to mitigate that emergency that took place," retired cruise ship Capt. Paul Leyda said.