OPD investigate 5 shootings in 12 hours


Unfortunately, gun violence is nothing new in Oakland, but there has been an increase over the last couple of days and officers are doing everything they can to keep up. Oakland police are stretched thin as they investigate five separate shootings in just 12 hours.

"It's been a busy week. I think we had at least three homicides last week and then one... I know at least one working today," said Oakland Officer Jason Anderson.

One shooting happened Thursday morning at Lowell and Market streets as a Berkeley High student was riding his bike to school. He was shot by someone who was also on a bike. Crime technicians were delayed two hours getting to the scene.

"There were two other callouts this morning so that's where we're at," said Anderson.

One of those earlier calls took police to Adeline Street near 32nd, just a few miles away. That's where a man with a gunshot wound was found inside a crashed car.

"It has been busy. We're doing the best we can with what we got and we handle each case. And ultimately our goal is to solve every case we get," said Andersen.

Three shootings happened on Thursday and two happened Wednesday night. It's violence that doesn't go unnoticed.

"It's been a little intense here in Oakland for the past couple nights," said Abel Habtegeorgis.

Habtegeorgis works with youth at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

"We work directly with those young people who are involved to try to figure out what's happening here and how we can create lasting peace," said Habtegeorgis.

He says it will the community coming together to create lasting change.

"What's happening here doesn't have to be and there's a better way to solve our resolutions and our problem," said Habtegeorgis.

He also says a bullet never solved any problem.

Of those five shootings three people were injured.

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