South San Francisco man arrested for molesting 4 girls


"I'm just disgusted, my stomach turned," said Valentine, one of Vogt's neighbors.

That was the reaction from neighbors of a South San Francisco man that police arrested on suspicion of having sex with a teenage girl.

"To think of all the times that he had access to our house or to my children," said Valentine.

Police arrested 36-year-old Vogt. Cops believe that he is responsible for victimizing at least four juvenile girls between 2000 and 2012.

"It seems like all of the alleged abuses occurred within the individual's home. He had lived in the area of Woodland and Sacramento area and moved to South San Francisco around 2002," said South San Francisco Det. Ken Chetcuti. "He would victimize the girls and then he would threaten them with bodily harm or buy them things to keep them quiet."

Investigators say one victim may have been raped since the age of 5.

"There were numerous times he was left alone with the victims," said Chetcuti.

Police say that Vogt did not have an extensive criminal history and that before he moved into a Bungalo in South San Francisco, he lived outside of Sacramento and worked regularly as a mechanic. His crimes came to light, police say, when one of his victims came forward to a relative, and until his arrest his neighbors, with small girls of their own, found nothing out of character.

"I'm going through my mind of all the times that we've had interactions with him. To be honest, I thought he was a great guy," said Valentine.

Investigators believe that there may be other potential juvenile victims and they are asking anyone with information to contact South San Francisco Police.

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