Drawing tonight for $363M Mega Millions jackpot


Tuesday night's MEGA Millions winning numbers for Draw #706 are: 9, 19, 34, 44, 51 & Mega Number: 24

"That's a lot of money, so why not. I'm not really a gambler, but I just did it," said Van Hedwall of San Francisco.

The Chevron at 9th and Howard in San Francisco sold a Mega Millions ticket with almost every transaction this morning. Dorothy James bought $20 worth of tickets and she's not even finished yet.

"I pick quick picks. Probably later on today I'll go in with co-workers and we'll pick numbers. So I'll spend about $60 today," said Dorothy James of San Francisco.

The owner of Rossi's Deli at Castro and Market says he is selling tickets to a lot of new faces now that the jackpot will be the third largest in the game's history.

"We have had triple our sales for the past two weeks, so it's going up very high," said Sam Dughman of Rossi's Deli.

Trying to win $363 million may look greedy, but everyone we spoke with said they would be quite generous with their winnings.

"What I'm going to do with this money is every time I pass by a person I'm going give them $100 each," said Benjamin Bustos of San Francisco.

"Buy a house first of all start a nonprofit and share," said James.

"Of course I would donate a lot for charities there is a lot of kids that need a lot of money and then the rest just invest in my kids," said Amad Shalabi of Walnut Creek.

The odds of winning are not good -- one in 176 million. But that doesn't seem to be discouraging sales.

"Everybody has a dream. So it's a nice dream for a couple of hours or couple of days - hopefully they'll win," said Dughman.

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