Speeding driver kills father, young daughter on bikes


"This is a horrific accident. It's during Easter weekend when families are together, innocently riding bikes down the street and unfortunately this tragedy occurred," said Contra Costa County Fire Marshal Lewis Broschard.

The crash happened moments after the 17-year-old driver crossed Oak Grove on Treat and lost control.

It was just as Solaiman Nuri and his two young daughters, out on their weekly bike ride, were riding by on the sidewalk. They were just a few yards from home when they were hit.

Solaiman died immediately. "I went over to the man and when I got there it was obvious he was dead. But I checked for breathing and I checked for a pulse and I couldn't find either one," said witness Suan Surls.

Solaiman's 8-year-old daughter Hadessa died soon after. His 11-year-old daughter is in stable condition.

Another witness, Racheline Ayun, said, "They were just minding their own business, riding their bikes on the sidewalk, and you don't think something like that in a split second."

The 17-year-old driver, who we've chosen not to identify, is charged with manslaughter. Police say he was speeding.

The driver called a friend, Adam Gartside, moments after the crash.

"He said he had gotten into a car accident, lost control he might've hit, or no he said, he did hit people. He might've killed two," Gartside said.

The driver goes to Olympic High School, which is a continuation school in Concord.

It's not clear where he was going Saturday morning, but his friend says the driver has gotten several speeding tickets in the past.

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