Body found in burned home after daylong standoff


After Thursday night's inferno, there was not much left of the fourplex on Chrysler Drive in Modesto. It was tragic result of a daylong standoff that left three people dead, including 35-year-old locksmith Glendon Engert and 53-year-old Stanislaus County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Paris.

"There were like six cops carrying the police officer to safety," said a witness.

The body inside the house is presumed to be the gunman who shot Paris and Engert as they tried to evict him Thursday morning.

"His name is Jim, a very quiet man, kept to himself for the most part," said neighbor Jonathan Mullinix.

Mullinix says he knows the suspect police won't identify. But according to court and DMV records he is James Ferrario, in his mid-40s.

"He had a couple different rifles, shotguns, handguns," said Mullinix.

A black SUV registered to Ferrario is sitting in front of the burned out home, its windows smashed.

The fire came 11 hours after the shooting as police tried to flush out the suspect. At different points, SWAT teams used robots to toss flash grenades and tear gas canisters into the house, where they had several interactions with the suspect.

"The robot was able to knock down a refrigerator that was place inside the apartment complex to block the window," said Mark Pazen from the Merced County Sheriff. "And the individual was trying to put throw pillows and blankets over it thinking, correctly, we had a camera at the end of it."

Investigators spent the day collecting evidence from the burned out house and a bomb squad was brought in to make sure the suspect didn't leave any explosives behind.

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