Almost all arrested demonstrators to be released


There were 13 demonstrators still in custody Thursday, but late in the afternoon, judges in two different courtrooms ordered most of them released.

That includes Marisa Skaggs, who was tackled and wrestled off her bike at 14th and Broadway at the start of a noon rally.

"To chase somebody down on a bike, presumably for some criminal act that she allegedly did and we see no legal charge for that," protester Laleh Behbehanian said.

Zachary Running Wolf was also arrested Tuesday for obstruction, but he was cited and released early the next morning.

"It's a constant wearing down of protesters; the more courts that you have to be to, the more possibility of getting a warrant, a failure to appear, so it's just a wear down of people's ability to keep coming out," he said.

According to Occupy Oakland, of the demonstrators who remain in custody, one could be charged with a misdemeanor violating a stay away order. The other three face possible felony charges, including vandalism, setting a fire and assault.

Like several dozen others, one activist came to show support for those appearing in court. He wanted to draw a distinction between a small group that appeared bent on destruction and the larger Occupy movement.

"It's the same group that was out in San Francisco the other night that go around smashing windows and putting up graffiti," Anthony said. "We have absolutely no connection to them. We don't know who they are."

Of the 13 still in custody Thursday, nine will be released from Santa Rita Jail later in the evening. The other four were ordered back to court Friday morning to find out what charges, if any, the district attorney files against them.

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