Swimmer rescued at Crown Memorial State Beach


The person was trying to swim to the shore at Crown Memorial State Beach when he got into trouble. That's the same beach where rescuers stood by as someone drowned last May, but this story has a much happier ending.

Two men jumped into the water from their boat which was anchored offshore and decided to swim to shore. One of them made it, but about 200 yards offshore, in water 6 to 10 feet deep, the other man began experiencing problems. It's unknown whether he was cramping or simply ran out of breath, but he began yelling for help.

Police and fire crews responded almost immediately. Three police officers and three firefighters were at the scene, as was a fire department boat, per a new protocol.

On Memorial Day last year, a man drowned in the same beach area at Grand and Shoreline. After the drowning, firefighters said they didn't go into the water because they were not certified in land/water rescue and they didn't have a boat that could maneuver in shallow waters. The resulting change in procedures and additional training is the reason Monday's rescue was possible and the victim is safe and alive.

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