Suspect shot by Caltrain officer Downtown San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif.

The suspect is a 29-year-old San Jose resident and before he was shot, police say he was on the Caltrain tracks and acting erratically.

A San Mateo County Sheriff's deputy was the first to arrive because their office patrols the 50-mile corridor. Santa Clara County came to assist when the suspect was found to be uncooperative and tried to take off on foot. The deputies then followed.

"At some point, the suspect displayed some type of threatening behavior toward the officers that the San Mateo County Sheriff's deputy believed was a danger to his safety and that of the other deputies and he fired several rounds at the suspect," said San Jose Police Sgt. Jason Dwyer.

The suspect was shot twice and was taken by ambulance to Valley Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. San Jose police are handling the investigation and say the deputies tried to get the suspect to comply without force.

"Anywhere between 12 and 14 minutes elapsed between the time that this deputy from San Mateo County called for help and the time that the shots were fired. So that tells me that they were trying to talk to him, they were trying to reason with him, deescalate the situation," said Dwyer.

As soon as Caltrain heard there was a person on the tracks, it shut down service between San Jose and Santa Clara, leaving commuters stranded until buses showed up.

"We were operating a bus bridge between San Jose and Santa Clara to accommodate our passengers, but it impacted our commute hour pretty significantly. We had delays up and down the system," said Jayme Ackemann from Caltrain.

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