Sonoma State student hospitalized after 3-story fall


A white fence was broken when 19-year-old Tyler Glenn fell three stories. His fall was captured on surveillance video that ABC7 News was able to watch along with police. While apartment managers did not let us use the video on air, the video did help police determine what happened, "At one point in the video you see a dark subject that evidently fell, broke the railing that's here and basically landed where we're standing right now," said Rohnert Park police Sgt. Jeff Nicks.

Police believe the college student was hanging from two pieces of wooden rail came loose. They say alcohol was involved, "The subject did indicate that he had been drinking, but I can't indicate how much he had been drinking, we are not going to do a toxicology report," Nicks said.

Those two pieces of wooden rail came loose and Glenn fell, landing on the concrete walkway and a wooden fence. His neighbors tell ABC7 News he's a baseball player at Sonoma State. Police say alcohol was involved in his early morning fall, "The subject did indicate that he had been drinking," Nicks said. "But I can't indicate how much he had been drinking; we are not going to do a toxicology report."

Residents we talked to said Glenn's fall caused a ruckus in the whole complex, "I was laying in bed, and I heard, like, 'Tyler, oh god, please no, Tyler, oh god,"' said neighbor Paige Newton.

Neighbors note that there are often loud, alcohol-fueled parties in the complex. It's something they say they're used to because it's a student residence, "I know it's easy for people," said neighbor Angela Fong. "You know, a lot of times there are roommates that are under age and there roommates that are over age, and they just buy their roommates booze if they want."

At the moment, police say they are not focusing on alcohol use by a minor, "Our biggest concern is that there was not any foul play involved, he wasn't pushed, or coerced or anything like that took place prior to this happening," Nicks said.

ABC7 News talked with the managers at the apartment complex. It's a private housing property that specialized in university student housing but is not affiliated with the local universities. They say they do not condone underage drinking and they do have a guard that patrols the complex and sometimes breaks up loud parties.

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