Brown makes final push for Prop 30


Brown drove from Sacramento to be at the event in San Francisco obviously because he believes it will be a close one.

Brown rallied the troops as only he knows how to. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, was at his side during this last push. Prop 30 avoids trigger cuts by increasing taxes on those making more than $250,000 and raises the state sales tax. That would generate an estimated $6 billion in taxes every year for seven years. The governor has said if the proposition fails, it would have devastating cuts to public education.

"It tells those who've done the best, 'Give a little back. One, or two percent, or three percent for the next seven years to help our schools and colleges in this hour of their need,'" said Brown.

That wasn't the only rally in town. Former labor secretary Robert Reich who teaches at UC Berkeley was part of a "Yes on Prop 30" rally. According to the UC Regents if Prop 30 does not pass, there will a $2,400 tuition hike for UC students next semester. Still those students who oppose prop 30 say, the legislature should have made cuts elsewhere instead of threatening to cut education.

"Putting in money into high speed rail, for example, spending billions of dollars and then we have to cut school by billions. It's unfortunate. It's true -- students don't have a voice. They don't spend money on campaigns, they don't have a strong lobby in Sacramento," said Shawn Lewis from Cal Students "No On 30" campaign.

And regardless of how you feel towards Prop 30, the message on Monday was go to your polling station and vote on Tuesday. That is what Brown plans to do. He plans to vote at 7:15 a.m. in Oakland where he lives.

If you have any trouble voting you can report problems at your polling place to us by calling our ABC7 News Election Hotline: 1-877-222-7777

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