North Bay catches front end of storm


People in Santa Rosa got another reminder that the rainy season is upon them, but the storm is not enough to produce any flooding.

People welcomed the occasional break in the weather.

"I'm just hoping it doesn't rain too much because I take the bus everywhere and it sucks to walk in the rain," Santa Rosa resident Kyala Machele said.

Most people say they are prepared for future storms.

"We have a lot of wood cut up, ready for burning if need be, but the only problem is that we had an ant issue, the rain brings the ants in, but besides that no troubles at all," Santa Rosa resident Alissa Thomson said.

The storm inched its way south to Petaluma and even to San Rafael. Drivers were cautious while on Highway 101.

The Marin County Department of Public Works said crews had prepared for the rainy season months ago.

"Cleaning culverts, putting in new drain pipes...looking for spots that could be potential for flooding," spokesperson Jeri Stewart said.

Every county fire department and some run by the city have sand bags available for residents living in areas prone to flooding. People can also purchase them at places like Shamrock Materials in San Rafael.

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