Waiter labeled restaurant patrons as "Fat Girls"


That description was printed onto a group's check at the Cameo Club Casino's restaurant in Stockton.

When the three women complained to the manager, he offered them a 25 percent discount on their meal and then upped it to 50 percent. But that didn't make them feel better.

One of the women took a picture of the check. She says they're sharing their story so people will understand it was wrong; noting that they know some people will chuckle when they see this story, but they want people to know how much the comment hurt.

The restaurant is now apologizing.

"It's not funny," restaurant patron Isabel Robles said. "I can just see it over and over again. And I still can't believe it. They labeled us fat girls."

Bar manager Jimmy Seimers added, "I just want to tell them that we're sincerely sorry for that and that we'll do everything in our power to make sure that this never happens to anyone ever again."

The server admitted he typed those words onto the group's check. And though he's been suspended while the incident is investigated, the manager says it's not likely the employee will keep his job.

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