TSA blasted for treatment of 12-year-old girl


In cell phone video taken last Sunday, a TSA screener is heard telling Shelbi Wasser, "It's okay, you didn't do anything wrong, we're going to let you get on your way."

Shelbi, who has brittle bones disease, was detained after the TSA claimed she tested positive for explosives. Her mom, Tammy Daniels, was ordered to keep back. And during the hour it took to call in bomb experts, Daniels says she wasn't allowed to comfort her crying daughter.

"I am by no means undermining our safety in the air," Daniels said. "After 9/11, by no means am I doing that. But when it comes to children, common sense isn't in a text book."

Screeners say they detected explosive residue on the girl's hands. Her family believes it came from fertilizer on their farm.

Shelbi's mom says the TSA never tested her daughter's wheelchair.

The TSA issued a statement saying it understands the family's concern but it stands by its actions.

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