Doctors warn of dangers of skinny jeans

Christine Barnabik's closet if full of so-called skinny jeans -- tight fitting and versatile.

"I love that I can wear boots over them, or wear them with flats or jazz them up at night," she said.

But she admits it's sometimes a struggle squeezing into them.

"They can be hard to get on, because you're trying to pull them up," she said.

But more than an inconvenience, some doctors warn that an overly tight fit could actually cause nerve damage.

"This disorder is called meralgia paresthetica; the disorder occurs when one of the nerves on the outer part of the thigh compresses and pressure on in causes symptoms of tingling and numbness and pain," Dr. Karen Boyle said.

Boyle, a urologist, says women can even experience symptoms without realizing the cause.

"One woman described it as a floating sensation when she was walking; her thighs felt week and tingly and she go pain in the thighs," Boyle said.

And she says combining the jeans with ultra-high heels can worsen the effect.

"Because the pelvis tilts some it can further accentuate the pressure that's placed on those nerves," she said.

Experts say one good option is to consider jeans that have some stretch built into them or short of that, shop for a cut with slightly more room in the thigh area, where the nerves are most likely to become compressed.

Doctors warn the condition can become serious and can potentially cause permanent damage if it isn't corrected.

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