Dad creates time-lapse video of afternoon with son

January 2, 2013 11:58:34 AM PST
Guys can get a bad rap of not being very fatherly. So a mom was especially skeptical when she would get home to her husband and see a spotless home. That is, until she saw a video made by her husband to prove he's a good dad.

Kansas City resident Emio Tomeoni set up a time-lapse camera in his living room to record his day with their baby. In the video you see the toy chest come out, then playthings littered about the place.

It turns into a real man cave until it's time for mom to come home. Then it's clean up time.

"It's peace of mind to know that my guys are at home just enjoying each other and having a blast, so I just love it, I love it, I can watch it a million times," mother Stephanie Ramos said.

The video turned skeptical mom into admiring mom. It also made dad an internet star.