Turlock celebrates Colin Kaepernick


Beyond people "Kaepernicking" in the street and wearing 49ers jerseys and hats all over town, Turlock even has a special Kaepernick hot dog created at Main Street Footers. In 10 days, they've sold over 600.

It has chili, secret sauce that was made up by Jim Yetman of Turlock and cole slaw and jalapenos," Main St. Footers' Molly Amant explained.

There are also sweet treats in honor of Kaepernick, whose 10th NFL start will be on Feb. 3 in the Super Bowl. Orders from all over northern California are coming into Turlock's Olde Tyme Pastries for their specially designed cookie.

It seems wherever you look in Turlock, Kaepernick fever has caught on. And most folks don't even know him personally.

Martin Purdy does know the Kaepernicks as long-time neighbors. In fact, while Colin and company were rolling over the Falcons, Purdy's wife was exchanging texts with the quarterback's mother.

"The family's very down to earth; the parents did a wonderful job raising Colin," Purdy said. "Nowadays when you see him or talk to him, he's just so humble."

And while pretty much everyone in Turlock is proud of Kaepernick, some also have some compassion for the guy he replaced.

"I like him; I think he's great, but I think they shouldn't have done that to Alex," Anthony Tuillo said.

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