49er season ticket holders frustrated by lottery


Following the high of seeing the 49ers get into the Super Bowl, many of their most loyal fans are experiencing the low of not being able to get tickets. The team held a lottery for season ticket holders for the opportunity to buy tickets; but beyond that, the team isn't saying much.

Jeff Smith of Brentwood proudly displayed the autograph he got from 49er Coach Jim Harbaugh. He's been a season ticket holder since 1980, but has never been able to buy tickets for the Super Bowl.

"I don't think they have enough tickets for the season ticket holders," Smith said.

Florence Chinn of San Francisco has been a season ticket holder going back to Kezar Stadium. But she can't get tickets either.

"Everybody I know that were season ticket holders had not gotten tickets," Chinn said.

Between Florence and Jeff, the two say they know 18 different groups of season ticket holders. None won the lottery for Super Bowl tickets held for season ticket holders by the 49ers.

In fact an unscientific poll of 13 other season ticket holder groups, this one conducted by 7 On Your Side, found none won the lottery either.

Those that did win had the opportunity to pick up their tickets on Friday. We asked the 49ers how many tickets were made available to fans. Citing team policy, the Niners declined to disclose that information.

We asked what the odds were of winning. The 49ers said everyone had an equal chance of winning, but declined to disclose the odds.

"They should show us exactly how many tickets are available and maybe how their process works," Smith said.

According to the NFL, just over 25 percent of the tickets at the Super Bowl went directly to the league. Another 17.5 percent or 12,250 tickets went to the 49ers. An equal amount went to the Baltimore Ravens.

The New Orleans Saints, who are hosting the game, got five percent of the tickets. The remaining 35 percent were divided among the remaining 29 NFL teams.

The league says how many each of the teams make available for purchase by fans is left up to each team.

"I think they're limiting the tickets for the people who are paying for the new stadium," Chinn said.

Sam Francisco resident Brian Chinn adds, "Well, it's disappointment, I wanted to take my mom to the Super Bowl."

The 49ers say they understand people's frustrations, and point out they can get tickets by purchasing a travel package through its official travel partner, PrimeSport.

"I was wondering how do all these agencies have all these season tickets when the fans, the true faithful fans like myself, don't get a chance to buy them," Smith said.

Tickets are also available through NFL Ticket exchange, but those sell at way inflated prices and the fans we talked to say they either can't afford, nor are willing to pay those prices.

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