SF nightclub closed following shooting that injured three


The gun battle happened just outside a club named 330 Ritch, which is not far from AT&T Park. The shooting left three people wounded. One of the victim's, a 32-year-old man from Elk Grove, is in critical condition. The victim's sister, who did not want to go on camera, also tells us he may be paralyzed.

The San Francisco Entertainment Commission tells us they've closed the club for the weekend. A hearing on the venue's future will be held next week.

"I was in the club for a while but when I came out I heard pop pop pop pop pop pop," club patron Sam said. "So, that's the eight I heard."

The shooting started inside the club on Ritch Street at about 1:15 a.m. People we spoke with who were inside the club when the shooting started did not want to go on camera. The incident has them terrified of reprisals.

Club patron Ronnie told us she was by the venue's door when chaos broke out, "People just come running out everywhere and they were fighting," she said. "Then they started shooting for about 10 to 15 minutes."

Another club patron told us the incident started when one man shoved another.

"A small shoving match broke out and then all of a sudden it grew into a big altercation which led to one gunshot," Sam said.

The shooting began inside the club and then spilled outside the venue's door. It then continued up Ritch Street to Brannan Street. More shots were fired in a nearby parking lot.

San Francisco police collected more than 50 pieces of evidence from the area, most of it was shell casings. Bullet holes could be seen in cars and walls. Police say three people were wounded.

"One person being severely injured but all three are expected to survive," Sgt. James Wilson said.

The club has been closed by the Entertainment Commission, which enforced an emergency suspension of the club's license to operate.

One man said he's sad this happened. He told us there was no warning things would get that violent.

"You couldn't even sense that type of energy," Sam said. "In there, everyone was having fun, everybody had happy faces."

San Francisco police tell us that the critically injured 32-year-old is still in critical but stable condition. The other two victims' wounds are not life-threatening.

Police are reviewing footage from multiple surveillance cameras located outside and inside the club for clues. So far they have no suspects.

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