Tennessee students shocked by prom party bus

A party bus that showed up to take a group of Lynchburg, Tennessee seniors to the prom.

April 30, 2013 6:36:23 PM PDT
Some high school seniors from Lynchburg, Tennessee say they were taken for a ride by the party bus company they hired to take them to the prom.

The group of 20 students spent $1,800 for a party bus thought would be getting a sleek, black bus but to their shock they were picked up in an orange converted school bus with the words "free at last" on it.

The bus was sponsored by a bail bonds company.

"Free at last on both sides, the gentleman's faces painted on the back end of the bus, not exactly what our seniors want to go off into on their last prom," said parent Stephanie Trail.

It turned out the company that owned the bus didn't realize that the kids didn't know what the bus looked like.