Golden State Warriors fans can crank up the volume


Monte Poole has covered the team for 28 years as a sports columnist for the Oakland Tribune.

"I've seen the Warriors, Raiders fans, Niners fans, Giants fans, A's fans, Sharks fans. I've seen and heard them all. There is no fan base in the Bay Area that is more loyal to the cause than the Warriors," he said.

The playoffs are the payoff for fans that have been supporting the team through thick and thin.

The noise they make inside Oracle Arena is legendary and it is becoming known fact throughout the NBA.

"It's like sharks seeing blood. When they sense that the opposing team is being affected by what they are doing, they jump all over it and they crank it up even louder," Poole said.

NBA fans will get another chance to hear the roar as the Warriors will host the Nuggets in Game 6 as they lost to the Nuggets 107-100.

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