Antioch man ID'd as suspect in double homicide in SF


Barry White was arrested on suspicion of two counts of murder and seven counts of attempted murder in a stabbing and shooting incident that occurred around 2 p.m. Friday at 888 Brannan St., according to Officer Gordon Shyy.

White allegedly attacked three employees of Victoga Inc., jewelry store inside the San Francisco Gift Center & JewelryMart complex, with a handgun and a knife.

Two women were killed, one of whom suffered from gunshot wounds and one of whom suffered from stab wounds from a knife.

A male victim sustained both gunshot wounds and stab wounds, and is in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital, according to Shyy.

Shyy said that White appears to have had at least one previous business transaction at the jewelry store before Friday's attack, and that robbery does not appear to be the motive.

White, who appears to have acted alone, left the Gift Center after the allegedly attack and walked east on Brannan Street, where he contacted six police officers, Shyy said.

White, who was covered in blood, allegedly raised his gun and fired at the approaching officers, who did not return fire, police said.

He then retreated to a nearby restaurant and continued firing at the officers. He apparently ran out of ammunition and surrendered to police, police said.

No officers were injured.

Police said Friday that they recovered a revolver and folding knife investigators believe were used in the attacks.

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