CHP searching for vandal who shot cars on HW101

SAN JOSE, Calif.

A CHP officer told ABC7 News Thursday morning that they had received 12 reports from people who say their cars were hit by something but they have only been able to confirm nine victims. The evidence is still very clear as piles of shattered glass are still visible along the shoulder of the highway.

The CHP says most of the damage was done to windows on the right-hand side of the vehicles and was consistent with BBs. Right now, the case is a "whodunit" and the CHP doesn't have much to go on.

"Unfortunately, we have no suspect info at all, right now. We don't know if there was a call involved, if there was a pedestrian involved," Ofc. DJ Sarabia said. "It happened near the railroad trestles so we know that people walk over there, but at this point, it's undetermined.

The CHP is treating this matter as vandalism, or freeway violence. They say it's a very dangerous situation as someone could have been hit by broken glass and caused a bad accident on the highway.

Anyone with information on what happened, or any one of the three unconfirmed victims, is asked to contact the CHP.

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