Texas parent files bullying complaint over 91-0 game

ALEDO, Texas

The parent from Western Hills High School has filed an official complaint against the coaching staff of Aledo High School, accusing that team of bullying.

The parent says the Aledo coaches should have instructed their players to ease up. Aledo's coach says he did take steps to keep the score down, like playing his backup players, and letting the clock run, but he says there are things he won't do.

"I would never ask our kids not to play hard. I would never tell them, 'Go out and let them score.' That's not what you want to teach kids. There was nothing unfair about it other than the fact that our players were better than their players," said Coach Tim Buchanan from Aledo High School.

The game was a mismatch before it even started. The Aledo Bearcats were a perfect 6-0 coming in. They were winning by an average score of 66-to-8.

Western Hills was winless. So far this year they've been outscored 370-to-61 and they are getting beaten by an average score of 52-to-9.

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