Stockton man speaks after saving Oakland Coliseum jumper


Donnie Navidad returned home from the hospital Monday. He's resting and even took a visit from a Raiders official who came to thank him.

Through it all, Navidad says he's not a hero; he just tried to do the right thing.

"I turned and looked back up and had a fix on her. And then, she started to descend," said Navidad.

The Stockton man said he'd do it again.

"As she started to descend, I braced myself to catch her. I was hoping I can, when I caught her is lock my arms around her so she could absorb the impact with me. But, unfortunately she hit and she bounced off," said Navidad.

Navidad ended up with some severe bruising, but no serious injuries when the young woman he tried to catch landed knees first into his arms and chest, sending both of them to the pavement.

"She did bounce but, he's very concerned about her. He wants to know how she is. I don't think anybody's identified her yet, but his major concern is her," said David's wife Lora Navidad.

It was just 15 minutes after the Raiders game at the Coliseum. Navidad, a Vietnam War veteran and Raiders season ticket-holder, was walking with a friend outside on a concourse when they saw the woman above. She had crawled out onto a ledge.

Despite Navidad's efforts, the young woman still sustained a serious head injury and remains in critical condition at Highland Hospital in Oakland.

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