7 On Your Side helps man billed for malfunctioning rental car

7 On Your Side's Michael Finney helps a Livermore man after he was billed for a malfunctioning car from National Car Rental.
April 10, 2014 12:47:06 PM PDT
Getting to an airport around here can be a hassle. Well, one Livermore man thought he had come up with a great plan to get a one way car rental to the airport. It sounds quick and easy, but it is not what it turned out to be.

Imagine renting a car and then finding out it won't start. And what if the car rental company still billed you?

Gregory Greenman rented a car from National Car Rental in Livermore, brought it back to his home and planned to drive it to San Francisco International Airport.

"Early Sunday morning the car did not start and so I ended up taking a taxi and I took the key with me, one of the electronic keys with me to the airport to turn it in there rather than leave it anywhere near the car," Greenman said.

But the lines were long, so he took the key with him and telephoned National Car Rental, which assured him they did not need the key to pick up the car.

"A few days later they called and said 'where are the key? We need the key to get the car.' So I ended up express shipping the key to them and they picked it up later on. It was about six days after I had rented the car from them that they actually picked it up and they charged me six days worth of rental fees," Greenman said.

That didn't seem right to Greenman because it was their car that wouldn't start. And he asked them if he should express ship the keys and they said no.

He complained and a National Car Rental representative said they would take care of it, but there was not any follow through.

"So that's when I thought about your organization and whether I was being given the run around or as you say dealing with heat," Greenman said.

Dealing with heat is when a company doesn't plan to do anything, but just listens to you complain.

Well with National Car Rental that was not the case.

The company released this statement, "We appreciate your bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately, we don't get every customer transaction right, but we do apologize when things go wrong and always strive to learn from them. In this case, we have apologized and we're hopeful that Mr. Greenman is satisfied with how this situation was resolved."

"They put things right, I'm happy and I'm willing to give them another chance," Greenman said.