Blind puppy about to be euthanized saved


Video shows the little puppy stumbling and running into walls because he was born blind.

Ironically, he was part of a litter that was being bred in Pennsylvania to serve as guide dogs for the blind.

A Facebook campaign began when the news broke that he was going to be put down. Hundreds of calls came pouring in as well.

"A vet rescued him from the person who was not going to use him," said Aliza DuBois, of Riverside Animal Hospital on the Upper West Side. "But he could not keep him and brought him here. We said we'd help."

DuBois says they're currently reviewing applicants to find him a good home.

"We have great candidates, found great people to take him," she said.

The puppy has been named Hudson and is close to finding a permanent home.

"He's fine," DuBois said. "Puppies really rely on their sense of smell, over sight, to get around. For sure."

(WABC contributed to this story)

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