VIDEO: NJ native at Brussels airport during attacks returns home

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Thursday, March 24, 2016
NJ native at Brussels airport during attack returns home
Watch the moment when a New Jersey native who was in Brussels airport when explosions went off reunites with her family.

NEWARK, New Jersey -- A New Jersey native is back home after a terrifying experience of being at the Brussels airport when two explosions happened Tuesday.

Ashley Bruggemann of Wyckoff was reunited with her family at Newark Airport Wednesday. She ran into the loving embraces of her mom, dad and sister. Click on the video above to watch the special moment.

She was in Brussels for an annual conference for work. She left for Belgium last week. About 150 people from the U.S. attended, but only a handful were still there Tuesday morning.

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Bruggemann had just checked her bags and passed through security, when people just started running with looks of panic on their faces.

She first thought a gunman had stormed the airport, and she immediately thought, "where can I hide?"

But Bruggemann said the people running toward her slowed down and stopped, indicating that they weren't being chased.

She and the others were transferred from the terminal to a hangar. From there, Bruggemann was able to reach out to her family in New Jersey and let them know she was OK.

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