Attempted child abduction infuriates San Francisco's Mission District

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Floridalma De Leon Jochola and her 2-month-old baby girl experienced what can only be described as a parent's worst nightmare. A homeless woman tried to abduct her daughter Sunday evening along Natoma Street.

"I come. I grab her firmly and I cover her face and then she uncovers her and she begins to pull her. But because I was scared of hurting my daughter, I was holding her firmly." Says a shaken De Leon Jochola.

For those living along quiet Natoma Street in San Francisco's Mission District, news of an attempted child abduction is almost too much to bear.

"I would hate to get chased out because it's not safe anymore," says resident Maddie Blumenthal.

The terrifying moments leading up to the attempt were caught on a neighbor's surveillance camera and show the suspect, 23-year-old transient Diamond Harris, approach a woman holding a two-month-old baby.

Patricia Morazan-Moore and her husband witnessed what came next: an attempted grab for the child and chaos.

"She was real close to me, acting crazy. All of a sudden, I hear the woman scream...a Hispanic woman was screaming," Morazan-Moore added.

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As seen in a different video, provided by a neighbor, Patricia and her husband Rex sprang into action.

"I was like, 'What's wrong with you? I said leave her alone,'" said Morazan-Moore. "It was scary. Then we ran off yelling 'hey, get off our street we don't want you here no more.'"

Morazan-Moore got the suspect, 23-year old Diamond Harris, who is now charged felony kidnapping and child endangerment to let go of the woman's baby.
The suspect eventually let go of the baby and was later caught and charged with felony kidnapping and child endangerment.

In recent months, neighbors say the area has turned into a cesspool for the homeless, who then create chaos on their usually quiet street.

"Over the past few weeks I've noticed a lot more homeless moving down this way, setting up different tents on different corners," said Blumenthal.

"Defecating, urinating, sex acts, you name it we've seen it on the street," Morazan-Moore told ABC7 News.

ABC7 News reached out to District 9 Supervisor Hillary Ronan, looking for answers on what needs to be done to solve the homelessness issues along Natoma Street. Homelessness is one of Ronan's issues of focus. She was not immediately available for comment.
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