East Bay cyclists show solidarity after a string of recent attacks causes over a dozen injuries

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Monday, February 20, 2023
East Bay cyclists show solidarity after a string of recent attacks
East Bay cyclists show solidarity after a string of recent targeted attacks causes over a dozen injuries.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- There was a strong showing of solidarity among cyclists in the East Bay Sunday, following a recent series of targeted attacks. Bike advocates say some drivers are intentionally trying to hurt them in the streets. But the group refuses to be afraid.

"The more of us together, the stronger we are," said Rollout Crew Bike Club member Truckie Evans.

East Bay cyclists gathered in solidarity Sunday, after some disturbing attacks on bicyclists. Advocates say some of the crimes have been caught on dashcam video, as cars try to knock down cyclists on the street by opening their passenger doors.

"The 'Why?' question is really plaguing me," said Ellie Mead.

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Ellie Mead from Oakland went to the hospital with bruises and a deep cut above her eye, after she says a driver "doored" her in Oakland's Rockridge neighborhood on Feb. 10. She believes it was no accident.

"For me, it was silver car door opens and I'm on the ground, as they drove away I heard them laughing," said Mead.

Advocates from the East Bay Bike Party club say about two dozen cyclists were targeted last week in Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville. Fourteen of them were hit and two suffered serious injuries.

"The fact there are people out there hunting us down intentionally for whatever they are doing this for, is terrifying," said cyclist Carter Lavin.

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Video shows a car "dooring" cyclists in Oakland, as the East Bay Bike Party claims many riders have been targeted "intentionally."

"It was very intentional. They came up on our left, swung the door open and hit me and the people in front of me," said cyclist Rebecca Mirvish.

The Oakland Police Department says it's investigating one of the collisions and is looking for witnesses.

Hundreds of cyclists showed their unity and strength with a group ride across Oakland.

"We're going to stand together and figure out how to hold everyone accountable," Evans said.

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Advocates say bike lanes offer no protection for cyclists on city streets. They say they need to be safer.

"For the city and police, I see you creating these bike lanes but where is the real bike safety," Evans said.

For now, cyclists like Ellie just want to feel safe riding on the street.

"I think it's important for us cyclists, pedestrians or any of us who wants to travel safely, this isn't the price you should pay for riding your bike on a Friday night," Mead said.

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