VIDEO: Bear cubs pay surprise visit to SoCal woman as Bobcat Fire displaces wild animals

A Sierra Madre woman came face-to-face with some bears cubs in her backyard.

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Sunday, October 18, 2020
VIDEO: Bear cubs pay surprise visit to Sierra Madre woman
A Sierra Madre woman came face-to-face with some bears cubs in her backyard.

SIERRA MADRE, Calif. -- As the Bobcat Fire continues to threaten wild animals' habitats, some curious bear cubs surprised a woman at her home in Sierra Madre.

Tiffany Dukes caught the fun and furry encounter on video as the cub and its sibling stopped by Friday afternoon.

Duke has seen bears before in her Sierra Madre backyard, but they've always been on the other side of the wall -- never at the door.

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"This was the first time I've seen them in the yard and that close to my door/on my door," Dukes said.

Many animals have been impacted by the Bobcat Fire and have been looking for food and water in local neighborhoods.

"I was sitting on the couch when it happened, working, and I look up and I saw the teenage bear walking past the door," Dukes said. "It comes over to the other door, which was cracked open, so I just ran over -- and my adrenaline's pumping -- I shut it, lock it really quick and scared that one away."

As she ran to check the other door, she got a second surprise.

"That's when the baby jumped up on the window. Really obviously wanted to come inside," she said. "She's really cute. Kind of scared it off a little bit, but then it went and took a drink in the pool and climbed the wall."

Dukes says she first saw the pair Tuesday up on the hillside but has never seen them with their mother.

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Ever since the Bobcat Fire broke out, though, she has been seeing an increasing number of bears as they've been forced to flee the flames and charred habitat in search of food.

While Friday's cub encounter was close, Dukes said she glad it happened safely behind her door.

"They're very cute, but obviously, want to make sure the doors are shut and locked and we can safely live along with the wildlife," she said. "Very fun day, great way to kick off the weekend with a little bear party."