Black Lives Matter protesters chain themselves to doors of Oakland Police Department

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Thursday, July 21, 2016
Black Lives matter protesters chain themselves to OPD doors
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Following a more than 12-hour occupation of the Oakland Police Officers Association building, Black Lives Matter demonstrators took their cause to police headquarters.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Rallies are being held across the Bay Area as protesters call for an end to police violence.

PHOTOS: Protesters chain themselves to OPD, police union buildings

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This image shows two women who chained themselves to the door of the Oakland Police Department on Thursday July 21, 2016.
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Some demonstrators arrived in Oakland early Thursday morning. But the bulk of protesters started moving in during the late afternoon. Oakland is one of many cities across the country having a day of action.

On Thursday, protesters chained themselves to the doors of the Oakland Police Department in support of the Black Lives Matters organization.

Tim Huey of Asians for Black Lives was among a handful of protesters who did the same outside the Oakland Police Officers Association office on Wednesday. Demonstrators ended a more than 12-hour occupation of the building overnight. Activists physically chained and locked themselves to the doors. They say that symbolizes how the black community seeks employment or shelter.

"If we all truly want to be free as human beings, then black folks need to be free from this kind of persecution, this kind of danger," he said.

On Thursday morning, Huey and other protesters showed up at Oakland City Hall with demands that include defunding the police department and diverting that money to pay for youth programs and job training. They also want Mayor Libby Schaaf to resign.

"To remove Libby Schaaf from her position of power because that power is not being used to keep our communities safe," said Kamau Walton with Black Lives Matter Bay Area.

The mayor has said she won't go.

"I share their passion to reform our police department," she said.

Protesters also highlighted Monday's Miami incident where an unarmed health care worker was shot by police while he was lying down as he tried to help a client with autism.

"He was black, he is black," said Huey. "Thank God he's still alive to tell his story."

Thursday evening's day of action in Oakland will end with a march from police headquarters to city hall.

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