Fans line up in Oakland for 'Black Panther' comic book

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- It was a day of celebration in Oakland for fans of Marvel's Black Panther.

Fans lined up outside Cape and Cowl Comics to grab a special Oakland Edition of the popular comic.

Shop owner Eiton Manhoff says when he learned that Marvel was going to offer a special cover to local shops, he didn't hesitate, even if it meant jumping through all sorts of hoops.

"I'll jump through your hoops, but it has to be an Oakland themed cover, and they were really receptive to it. We went through a few different designs, they took all of my ideas, they have it to the artist, he came up with this super red, Oakalnd Cover," Manhoff said.

"I'm ecstatic, man, I'm exuberant, you know it's kind of like, you know, it's black man, you know what I'm saying, a black super hero, in the Town, in the Town," Vello Scott said.

Cape and Cowl received 3,000 copies, 2,500 of which were reserved in a flash.

The remaining 500 went on sale Wednesday.

"Black Panther" is from Disney, the parent company of ABC7.
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